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  • BrowserSnaps Alternatives

    • Free by BrowserSnaps
    • Platforms:

    BrowserSnaps is a website that allows to test web page URLs in different browsers. Is simple to use and you need to enter the URL ..

  • TrueCrypt Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by TrueCrypt Foundation
    • Platforms:

    TrueCrypt is an open source program that allows to encrypt files, folders, devices or entire hard drives or partitions. Once you encrypt desired files, only ..

  • Screencast-O-Matic Alternatives

    • Free with limited functionalities by Screencast-O-Matic
    • Platforms:

    Screencast-O-Matic is a tool that will record a video from your screen. Is a video screen capture program that works as a browser addon on ..

  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by obsproject.com
    • Platforms:

    This program can record video from games, webcam, full screen or different windows. Is also able to make live streaming to video sharing websites or ..

  • Mathcad Alternatives

    • Commercial by PTC
    • Platforms:

    Create, solve and share engineering calculations or issues that need programmatic approach. Mathcad can automatically solve equations. It has the WYSIWYG concept that shows how ..

  • Maxima Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by Alexey Beshenov
    • Platforms:

    Maxima is a program developed since 1982 and allows to make math calculations, use formulas, work with expressions (different types of equations, vectors, matrices etc.).Is ..

  • Sage Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by University of Washington
    • Platforms:

    This program is making symbolic calculations, basic or advanced math or algebra equations or calculus.Was developed first time by William Stein in 2005 and is ..

  • SMath Studio Alternatives

    • Free by SMath
    • Platforms:

    SMath Studio is a software that helps to create and solve math equations, create graphs from functions and, in general, work and solve different math ..

  • MATLAB Alternatives

    • Commercial by The MathWorks
    • Platforms:

    MATLAB was created in 1984 and today is one of the most popular applications that provides numerical computing.Users are able to create models and use ..

  • Mathematica Alternatives

    • Commercial by Wolfram Research
    • Platforms:

    Mathematica is a development platform that is able to make computations. Some features include modeling, visualization, documentation and deployment.Can perform regular math computations or advanced ..

  • Macrium Reflect Free Edition Alternatives

    • Free with limited functionalities by Paramount Software UK Ltd.
    • Platforms:

    Macrium Reflect is a software that enables you to make copies or clones of a hard drive.   Is a competitor of more popular programs ..

  • QuickTime Player Alternatives

    • Freemium* by Apple
    • Platforms:

    QuickTime Player is a program developed by Apple and is a multimedia player especially used to play video files. Is available for Mac and Windows.Users ..

  • spambox.us Alternatives

    • Free by spambox.us
    • Platforms:

    spambox.us will create an email address that can be used by you in order to hide your real email address. All emails received in spambox.us ..

  • Google Keep Alternatives

    • Free by Google
    • Platforms:

    Google Keep is a note taking application developed by Google, that also includes a reminder. Is a possible substitute for popular products like Evernote.Users need ..

  • Picasa Alternatives

    • Free by Google
    • Platforms:

    Google Picasa is an application that heklps to organize, archive and manage your photo collections. This app was pucrhased by Google in 2004 and developed ..

  • Flickr Alternatives

    • Free with limited functionalities by Yahoo
    • Platforms:

    Flickr is an online service provided by Yahoo that allows to upload, organize and share your pictures and videos.This website was acquired by Yahoo in ..

  • Minus Alternatives

    • Free by Minus Inc
    • Platforms:

    Minus is an image hosting service that allows you to upload your personal images and keep them private or share with other people.Also, can be ..

  • iPhoto Alternatives

    • Commercial by Apple
    • Platforms:

    Apple iPhoto is an application included in iLife package and is one of the most popular photo organizers for Mac users.You can add your personal ..

  • Shotwell Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by Yorba
    • Platforms:

    Shotwell an application that organize photos. It can import pictures and videos directly from you camera or USB.You can organize images by time, tags or ..

  • digiKam Alternatives

    • Open Source (Free) by digikam.org
    • Platforms:

    digiKam is a multi platform software that allows to manage and organize your images.It has a professional, but intuitive in use interface. You can import ..

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Top 10 Commercial
1. Stardock Fences
2. BrowserStack
3. Snagit
4. Scribd
5. MacDrive
6. Jira
7. Adobe Captivate
8. XMLSpy
9. Constant Contact
10. SecureCRT

Top 10 Free
1. ZoneMinder
2. AWStats
3. TeamViewer
4. Plex
5. Browsershots
6. CrossLoop
7. JW Player
8. Hushmail
9. Slydial
10. Redmine